Apple is being investigated for slow iPhones, Fujifilm is taking over Xerox, and more trending news

Apple is being investigated for slow iPhones, Fujifilm is taking over Xerox, and more trending news


Know thyself

The time has come for every man woman and child to know himself herself know thyself know where you come from know who you are know whose you are it’s time to research investigate to dig down and find out your Origins who you are and whose you are we all have a beginning we all have a place in the totality of the universe it’s time now to figure out your you’re part Your roll where you stand Who You Are and why you are here everything has a reason there’s a plan to everything take the time to think about it

The unclean women

Now what I am about to say will open your eyes it will also cause some of you to dislike like me but I am telling you the truth. Now she dose not mean to be but that is all she knows she tries to do right. But her mother did not show her nether did she tell her the reason for doing what she does. And there is unclean women who just unclean she is bitter in her bones her mother tried to show her but she rebelled she lied and did all kinds of things to hide her unclean ways placing her self and her family life in jeopardy my brother staying away from the unclean women is to live longer and a better life. Now comes the time when some will dislike me half the women you know are unclean and 85% of the men you know are as well I will explain later

The national anthem

My thoughts on it are if you walk off  because Trump told you too then you’re just week if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything the Beast is paused call himself and proclaim himself as a God he is trying to tell you what to worship saying it’s disrespectful picking at the weakness of the mind for those that are weak at mine who to worship is next and how yes I’m speaking of the flag and the national anthem and that witch you call your President my prayers are not for our leader my prayers are for all of you the people