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Apple goes on national hiring spree; Netflix leans toward licensed content, and more top news

Apple goes on national hiring spree; Netflix leans toward licensed content, and more top news

What comes out of your mouth

If you believe that there is a higher power a benevolent being I want you to think of this. If your friend spouse partner or co-worker is trying to do something. Ask that their prayer is answered don’t add to it or take from it! You might put on them more than they can handle. You may take from them what they need. I heard a man that was so happy he got the job he needed his mind was on the night shift so he could spend the day with her. She released the curse from her mouth I hope it’s not a night shift!! Sad to say. Because if he is on days she will be home all day calling him saying she is bored, and when he gets home the sun is down and she will say it’s too late. Be careful what you ask for and more careful of what you place on someone else. Peace unto you.

Things about me. would you hire me, look over me or fire me

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Once Willie James has begun an activity, a priority (perhaps the highest motivational factor) is to get it done, reach the goal, get a grade, produce a finished product, get the prize, etc. Self-satisfaction is tied directly to completed achievement. Pride is taken in setting the target, pace, and/or schedule for almost all activities. Motivational levels drop and Willie James can actually become frustrated, even stressed, when achievement is interrupted, terminated, rescheduled, or given a lower priority, thus delaying or preventing success in reaching the self-set or self-known goal. This is a major motivation or incentive common to self-employed persons, persons selling for commissions, and/or persons engaged in competitive activities.
Willie James is most likely emotionally and sentimentally attached to the familiar, thus typically prefers routine, organized, and methodical procedures in all life activities. This indicates a resistance to, and quite possibly negative feelings toward, sudden or unannounced major changes. This is true even if provided more time, or exposure to the possibility or need of the change, Willie James would accept or even desire such changes. When attachment to the familiar is strong, it is appropriately called the “homestead” trait, best described in the old cliche “Happiness is sleeping on your own pillow”. Such routine activities can be mental, administrative, machine-paced, sensory/physical, etc.
Willie James is motivated to manage people and their activities. Such management can be exercised with a variety of talents Willie James may possess and for a variety of reasons. The primary reasons may be: 1) to exercise executive, managerial, or supervisory responsibility and authority, 2) to have the management position, role and recognition, 3) to not be in a subordinate, supervised position or role. Because emphasis is on the management of people, this is seen by Willie James as a service role where the managing is in the interest of those being managed. Whether Willie James is motivated and equipped to manage on a “take charge” or “given charge” basis (an important difference) can be determined by the motivational strength and involvement of other related traits.
Willie James has natural preferences that engender curiosity about the nature of things and about “what makes things tick”. In addition, motivational levels are highest where activities allow thinking focused on the inquisitive, exploratory, analytical, and experimental. “Technical” orientation is often the interaction of two or more of these traits: Scientific, Natural/Outdoor, Mechanical, and Managerial. It is important to identify the other traits involved to determine whether Willie James is more technical, scientific or systems-oriented or if these traits are balanced.
Willie James prefers to be socially independent. This allows and often encourages activities that do not require or permit, association or interaction with others during projects, shifts, or extended periods of time. Emphasis is not on what Willie James is doing, but that it is willingly or intentionally apart from others. This trait, by itself, does not imply or suggest antisocial or selfish attitudes. It only identifies social independence for vocational or recreational activities. Scientists, engineers, persons engaged in agricultural vocations, and night-shift service workers that were rated often include this preference.
Willie James enjoys associating and interacting with people but likes independence as well. So the activity, rather than people, is more than likely the deciding factor. Where mutual interest is the purpose for association, Willie James willingly participates and cooperates. Where interests differ, Willie James will independently pursue those interests.
Willie James is interested in ideas, concepts, and meaning as part of perceptual and mental activities. Intellectual, theoretical and/or creative activities are balanced with other activities and do not have a priority or emphasis.
Willie James has a preference for physically working with things and objects, but that activity is probably secondary or a minor part of a more important activity, such as operating a vehicle as a part of his/her work. It is an asset to be handy with one’s physical talents, tools, appliances, etc.
Motivational levels are highest for Willie James when in the limelight where recognition is earned, deserved, or given. However, there is no “ego trip” involved in the effort. Willie James can comfortably function in the foreground or the background. Nonetheless, recognition is a motivating vocational factor.
Along with other mental activities, Willie James is aware of abstract ideas and concepts. Ideas about new or different ways of doing things are commonly called innovating or inventing. Rather than creating in ways unrelated to present or past activity, Willie James uses an abstract, innovative, and/or creative set of preferences, to extend or expand what already exists.
(NOTE: “Evaluation: to appraise carefully; to judge as to worth or amount; to estimate generally.”) Most likely, Willie James has a logical mind which “makes sense” of what is perceived regarding the big picture and pieces of the picture within the context of that big picture. It is evaluation or assessment after perception, not the process of perception itself. Emphasis is on patterns, linkage, and relationships. Intuition may be involved in conjunction with this evaluation/assessment process.
Willie James subjectively exercises responsibility for social, vocational, or recreational perceptions, thinking, options, choices, decisions, and actions. This is an important, broad scoped, in-depth factor that includes social, leadership, management, and mental activities. Responsibilities which fit Willie James’s preferences are identified by many other traits. The purpose of this factor is to emphasize that Willie James accepts, assumes, and acts responsibly (and probably assertively) relative to the exercise of talents and skills, and those talents and skills might apply to various forms of leadership. Perception, thinking, and action tend to be in the context of the “big picture”. Thinking is holistic, conceptual, exploratory, and analytical.
Willie James has excellent perception, retention, and literal recall of detail. Although these are considered abilities, they greatly effect motivations and preferences. This combination can be useful in such activities as clerical, computational, administrative, literary, technical, operational, supervisory, and/or managerial activities. It has less vocational importance if some usually related traits are not equally motivated. Therefore, it is important to study all traits to see how this combination fits with or complements related preferences and/or motivations. (Note: This awareness of detail may be accompanied by awareness of essential detail that is related to ‘essence’ rather than to fact or data.)
Willie James is most likely benevolent, voluntarily giving of self to help others, especially regarding current pain, hurts, stress, needs, and problems. This means empathetic, sympathetic, intentional, personal involvement in the personal lives of others to give help, sacrificially if necessary, and to subjectively gain personal satisfaction from providing personal service. (NOTE: emphasis is on the word “personal.” This is a heart trait and is totally self-motivated and voluntary. It is one of the most strongly motivated traits in determining vocational dedication. The word “others” is important in the context of benevolence) Willie James is probably more benevolent toward persons not intimately, formally, or organizationally related. (NOTE: Benevolence expects those in close relationships to join in the giving rather than being a priority recipient.) Nonetheless, Willie James probably exhibits benevolence toward all persons. But benevolence does have priorities about eligibility of persons for help.
Willie James is tolerant of routine sensory/physical activity that is tied to and timed by machine operation. It usually involves repetitious processes with occasional scheduled breaks. With only medium motivation for assembly line type of work, it is likely that feeding, offbearing, or assembly work is a temporary activity until something more interesting is found, or it is a minor part of the assigned work.
Willie James accepts and exercises responsibility for organizational management but may not necessarily seek out that role for self. Emphasis is on the management of people, but that is directly tied to the performance of existing, available skills and abilities. Performance and results are the main emphases. Other traits must be studied to determine if Willie James manages best on his own

Scam alert: Do not apply for this fake Amazon work-from-home job

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Team Clark is adamant that we will never write content influenced by or paid for by an advertiser. To support our work, we do make money from some links to companies and deals on our site. Learn more about our guarantee here.
Scammers are using Amazon’s name to target people who may be interested in stay-at-home jobs.

A woman dialed up Clark Howard’s Consumer Action Center (CAC), a free call-in help line, to ask about a recorded message she received for a work-at-home job opportunity.

The message said she could work using her computer for Amazon and directed her to a website at

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Amazon scam alert: Don’t fall for this work-from-home pitch
Our Team Clark volunteer told the caller that this was NOT a legitimate Amazon job listing and suggested that she never pick up the phone if she doesn’t recognize the number.

The recorded message came from the phone number 816-281-9811. We called it and got this fraud alert:

Do not answer a call from this number!
There were other red flags. For example, Amazon’s official website for job applicants is, not the web address that was mentioned in the call.

Since this article was first published, Team Clark has learned about similar job scams that are directing people to the following websites. Do not visit these websites or give them any of your personal information:
Another warning sign: The bogus site that visited said that workers will make $500 or more per day by working just a couple of hours. That’s a huge red flag!

Team Clark has shared many real work-from-home job postings from Amazon in the past. The company’s starting wage for customer service representatives is generally around $12 an hour.

In November 2018, Amazon is increasing its minimum wage to $15 an hour. Read more here.

Fake Amazon jobs site

Real Amazon jobs site

Searching for a remote job online? Keywords to use and avoid
If you’re looking for a remote job, this is just a reminder that scams are everywhere! That’s why the job search website FlexJobs recommends that you avoid using “work-at-home” and “work-from-home” in search engines.

Instead, try keywords that scammers are less likely to use, such as telecommuting, virtual and remote job.

Although FlexJobs is a paid subscription site, you may want to consider a short-term subscription ($14.95/month) because the service filters out all the junk postings — no scams!

Read about legit remote jobs in Clark’s Work From Home Guide!

Clark’s Consumer Action Center is a FREE help line available Monday-Thursday 10am -7pm ET and Friday 10am-4pm ET. We’re here to empower you with consumer advice and education to help you resolve your money problems. Call Team Clark Howard at 404-892-8227!

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