Mr. Trump has shown time and time again that he has no self control he is a bad risk that we can not afford to be in office . Let’s take a look

Debate is contention in argument; strife, dissension, quarreling, controversy; especially a formal discussion of subjects before a public assembly or legislature, in Parliament or in any deliberative assembly.[1]

Debate is a method of formally presenting an argument in a structured manner.[Is this a fact or an opinion?] Through logical consistency, factual accuracy and some degree of emotional appeal to the audience are elements in debating, where one side often prevails over the other party by presenting a superior “context” and/or framework of the issue

Chicago’s violence

disrespected and the violence goes on

Breaking the yoke

Hello to you all I have something to remind you of when you break the yoke of wood your enemy will be trying to place one of iron on you so do not weaver from your path do not curse you father and when you want to ask why me oh father know this on today the answer is from him if not you my child then who would you have me place this blessing on. Because after the troubled come my blessing and you must show your love for the most high so you can receive love from him .For he has seen your pain and has heard your crying out loud in your heart be not troubled for you are his chosen to give testimony of the grace of his heart and the love for his children.

May peace be over you and your house

The profits have seen

My brother and sister this day was seen long before now look at the house on witch the ungodly seeks the lies they tell and one has said to you if you do not do as I say you will have to go I will build a wall to keep you outside and is setting the stage for Marshall law yes we face the act of talking the less of two evils so now I’m just trying to get my life and myself ready for the time has come and you all have to get your self ready you have been distracted with the way the media has played with you Varley I say unless you want to eat of this bitter fruit you must open your eyes and ears and let not your way be blocked by the distraction for this day was seen long before now look at the house on today we have let television series make us numb to the truth of right and wrong removing us from the most high so I have said to you what was placed in my mind and heart seek the face of the most high and let not your heart be troubled