How are you ?

Hello to you all my name is Willie and I am writing this because it’s time to talk. A lot of time’s we fill bad and need to talk and you will find someone that will see that and will ask are you ok. Well I have the answer for you but I will let you know just how I fell and what I do and you can think on it for a bit.  I won’t spend a lot of time telling you that I have the answer .but I will to tell you how I handle it and how to keep a good friend and stop running them away, because you will run your friend’s and coworkers away from you if you don’t  listen to this I am just going to tell you cause you can get a lot of people that will say this is what you need to do and go on and on till you get bored and stop reading and will never get  to the point. So I will just say it you can take it or not it is all just my take on it so here we go. You have a bad week or a bad day and a friend or family member say are you ok you look sad. Well it is ok to vent to that person but remember this when you open up they will give you a answer on a positive or negative note. you have to remember the personality of that person is if they love you and truly care if not well we will get to that so you say. well I have been sad for the past 3 weeks and I don’t know what to do so now your friend or family member say’s why did some one do something to you and you say no that is not it . They say ok well what do you think it is .I am thinking a bought my job the people at my job don’t like me. You friend say oh well don’t worry a bought that that is every job you just go in and do what you have to do and go home. now that is good advice but if you work in customer service that can be hard but it can be done your friend says  just smile and know that you help someone in that time that needed to and the coworkers are there to do a job as well don’t let them steal your joy you are there to help someone else now that is a positive feedback take that and go with it. Don’t say but I don’t know or well I can just go I don’t have to put up with that or I am going to give them piece of my mind . you are just feeding in to your own negative feedback do this 2 or 3 times and that friend will not want to hear it again they will avoid you . That is what I would do. Now complain every time I see you I am sick I don’t feel good I have migraine this person is always doing this and that. on and on I will avoid you most people will .think a bought it if someone complain every time you see them you will say no way need to talk to them they will just complain and I don’t feel like that today, I am happy it’s my Friday and I am going out with my friends I don’t need a thing to bring me down. Now you are saying they don’t like me so and so must have said something bought me .NO they did not you just pushed that person away. Why don’t they ask me to go out with them .ha ha cause they know you will complain or have a negative statement that is not why they are going out, its not to complain but to have fun that is how they vent and blow off the stress of work and life so the next time you feel like you are all alone stop and think did someone ask me if I was ok and did I miss the feedback and pill on more without saying thanks’ I needed that


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