Honor and why you don’t call someone a snitch and you don’t know what it is

this is what Wikpiedia say

Snitch may refer to:

The military career of Benedict Arnold from 1777 to 1779 was marked by two important events in his career. In July 1777, Arnold was assigned to the Continental Army‘s Northern Department, where he played pivotal roles in bringing about the failure of British Brigadier Barry St. Leger‘s siege of Fort Stanwix and the American success in the battles of Saratoga, which fundamentally altered the course of the war.

After convalescing following the significant injuries to his leg sustained at Saratoga, Arnold was given military command ofPhiladelphia after the British withdrawal in 1778. There Arnold became embroiled in political and legal wrangling with enemies in Congress, the army, and the Pennsylvania and Philadelphia governments that undoubtedly contributed to his decision to change sides. In 1779 he began secret negotiations with the British that culminated in a plot to surrender West Point. The plot was exposed in September 1780, following which Arnold fled to British-occupied New York City.

next The Devil (from Greekδιάβολος or diábolos = slanderer or accuser)

and Satan is primarily understood as an “accuser” or “adversary” in the Hebrew Bible

and webster

Noun 1. snitch – someone acting as an informer or decoy for the police

Verb 1. snitch – take by theft; “Someone snitched my wallet!”

Synonyms: copglomthieveknock offhook
2. snitch – give away information about somebody; “He told on his classmate who had cheated on the exam

Synonyms: shittell onstagshopdenouncegive awaybetraygrassrat

now the Mafia list this word under a code of honor and that is the place for it  it should be based on if it’s a family member you don’t snitch and that is why they make you family  if I dint know you and you do the wrong thing I did not snitch on you I stopped you.  if you are no’t my good friend I did not snitch on you. if you are a coworker and you mess up I did not snitch on you . to use this word in this way is a violation of that code. most of you are using it as a way out of your mess to place blame on some one other than your self man up woman up if you screwed up you screwed up you got caught I have much respect for the Family life and old friend’s and I fell a great disrespect when the word snitch is used they never used it cause they got caught with a hand in the jar  and it is call slander in the bible to give false witness to accuser a bad thing and that is from good’s law and man’s law so when you call some one a snitch think of what it covers cause you have placed someone’s Honor up for question not just that person you called a snitch but your own .

what you ask when someone calls another a snitch

1 how well do you known them

2 how long have you known them

3 are you family

4 what did you do


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